Where to Buy Delta 8

Where to Buy Delta 8

Delta 8, also known as D8 and Delta 8 THC, is available for sale in all states except eleven. According to federal law, it is legal to produce, process, and sell Delta 8 THC, as it is a derivative of industrial hemp or cannabis plants. All applicable federal laws effectively mean that Delta 8 is not a prohibited substance in any of the fifty states. However, there are state laws in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Utah, which prohibit the production and sale of Delta 8. Hence, you cannot grow or produce, process, sell, buy, and consume D8 in these states.

Where to Buy Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is sold by online resellers and offline retailers or brick & mortar stores. Head shops around the country sell D8 and associated products unless they are located in any of the eleven aforementioned states where such sale is prohibited.

Delta 8 THC has become popular in a very short span so there aren’t plenty of stores selling it. Some online stores such as DD8 or Direct Delta 8, Ounce of Hope, and CannaBuddy are selling various forms of this THC. You will have to check with your local directories to find nearby head shops. Delta 8 has found its way to many head shops throughout the country, so finding one should not be a daunting challenge.

Delta 8 THC Products

Delta 8 THC is used in myriad products. You must decide the form or type of D8 you wish to use so you can find the right store. Delta 8 THC is currently being sold in the form of gummies and other edibles such as brownies and beverages, and also as flowers, oils, pre-rolls, distillates, and dabs. There are vapes, soft gels, and topical forms as well. Many stores sell more than one type of D8.

Delta 8 THC can bind to the CB2 receptors in the intestines. Delta 9 or THC in general tends to bind to the more abundantly available CB1 receptors. CB1 receptors are found in various parts of the body’s endocannabinoid system. CB2 receptors are not so widely prevalent. Hence, research has shown that Delta 8 is more readily absorbed by the human body in the form of edibles. This is primarily why most manufacturers prioritize edibles such as gummies and brownies. There are Delta 8 loaded milk chocolate dark chocolate and other delicious goodies you may try. Delta 8 tincture is also widely available.

Buy from a Trusted Brand

Irrespective of your preference for a certain type of Delta 8 product and the store you choose, it is imperative to ensure the quality is impeccable. Delta 8 is not naturally synthesized by cannabis plants or industrial hemp. It is not as abundantly available in the flowering parts of the cannabis plants as is its isomeric twin Delta 9 THC. Producers and manufacturers have to process Delta 8 with great care, expertise, and precision. Quality is not a given unless you trust a brand.

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