Benefits of Delta 8

Benefits of Delta 8

Delta 8 has attained enormous popularity in a short time. Not many people, including cannabis enthusiasts, were sufficiently familiar with Delta 8 until two to three years ago. Very few producers of industrial hemp and legal cannabis would have anticipated the phenomenal potential of Delta 8 THC when the 2018 Farm Bill was being legislated. Cut to 2021 and we have a new star in the world of THC and CBD. The showstopper is no longer the good old Delta 9 THC, but its isomeric twin Delta 8.

Benefits of Delta 8

The most noteworthy benefit of Delta 8 is the familiar high of Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 is not as potent as Delta 9, but it is still experientially satisfying. One of the significant attributes of Delta 8 is the fine balance between high and consciousness. Delta 9 THC is so potent that it may cause some debilitating effects in a few people. Those who consume an unusually high quantity of Delta 9 THC or are frequent users in a short span tend to experience what is widely referred to as brain fog. Delta 8 does not cause brain fog, despite inducing a similar sense of high and ecstasy.

  1.       Antiemetic

There are many benefits of Delta 8, five of which are proven through research as well as experiences reported by users. Delta 8 has no recognized side effect. On the positive end of the spectrum, it actually alleviates nausea. The high associated with Delta 8 is more akin to feeling a bit of weightlessness, often described as a sense of floating. This can be extreme in cases of some more potent compounds and can lead to an urge to vomit. Delta 8 has no such adverse effect due to its antiemetic property.  

  1.       Analgesic

Both Delta 9 THC and CBD in general have analgesic properties. The ability of the compounds to alleviate or provide relief from pain is the primary reason why CBD and THC are widely used in many kinds of therapy. Delta 8 is no different in this regard. It has an analgesic property too. The extent to which one may experience pain relief will vary. People feel pain differently, so its alleviation or any relief will also be distinct.  

  1.       Anxiolytic

Delta 8 is anxiolytic, which means it can reduce panic and anxiety. Interestingly, some people report experiencing anxiety and panic after consuming Delta 9 THC, which is obviously more potent. There is no reported case of Delta 8 causing any anxiety of panic. To the contrary, Delta 8 can mitigate such unpleasant sensations and experiences. Of course, any consumption of THC or CBD should be moderate.

  1.       Neuroprotective

Delta 8 THC enables the secretion of Acetylcholine in the human body. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter. This reaction in the body makes Delta 8 THC a neuroprotective substance, and in effect a user may have improved cognitive and memory functions.

  1.       Orexigenic

Cannabinoids and Delta 9 tend to bind to CB1 receptors in the human endocannabinoid system. Delta 8 can also bind to CB2 receptors, which are mostly in the intestines. In effect, Delta 8 THC stimulates appetite and can also facilitate weight loss.

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